Muros, Mauern, Walls

Melissa Godoy Nieto + Thomas Hoepker

Spring/Break Art Show, 2019

wall /wôl/ /bôrdər/ /ˈberēər/


A line separating

A structure that divides

An obstacle that prevents movement

The boundary of something

Form an edge

A thing perceived as a protective

Restrictive barrier

Block or seal


Confine or imprison

Be close to an extreme condition

The extreme limit

Melissa Godoy Nieto is a multidisciplinary artist born in Tijuana, Mexico, the busiest land border-crossing in the world. She grew up seeing the fence that divides Mexico and the United States as a standard part of daily life of Mexicans, and an established struggle of the area. For this collaboration she daydreams of a parallel reality responding to Thomas' photographs.

Thomas Hoepker is a German photographer and member of Magnum Photos. Hoepker documented the daily life of East Germans over a period of 30 years, from the time the Berlin Wall was erected to the time it was demolished. He has traveled around the world as a photojournalist. For this collaboration Hoepker and Godoy Nieto revisited his catalogs from Germany, Mexico, Guatemala, and Venezuela.

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