Melissa Godoy Nieto is a multidisciplinary artist exploring drawing and painting as her primary practices, and as her main instruments to develop work in installation, performance, and video. Her work investigates various themes such as the subconscious, human experiences, states of mind, environments, and symbolisms.

Melissa often collaborates with visual artists, musicians, dancers, and nature, as references and/or taking part in the experience, purposely as her process to put herself in new environments to trigger creativity. In Senegal, she joined a group of drummers in Guet Ndar to learn about Sabar—the traditional drumming and dancing of Wolof people, she made a series of drawings led by dancers moves. Isolated in a house in Fire Island, she followed Monarch butterflies as they passed through the National Park while migrating to create drawings on their movement patterns. For her Dream Journals Series, she draws her dreams and constantly collects other people's dreams and nightmares to become drawings. In her collaborative project, Band Practice (w/ Clara Claus,) she creates an art installation through consecutive days of live-drawing, and concludes the performance with a musician's contribution. In her most recent drawing series Rainforests of the Sea she interrogates the effects of climate change through doing research on the decay of the coral reef ecosystem in the Mesoamerican Reef.

Her work has been exhibited and performed in venues as Spring/Break Art Show NYC, BAM Art Auction, Salon ACME Mexico City, BRIC House NYC, Knockdown Center NYC, Pictoplasma Berlin Germany, The NARS Foundation NYC, MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art Monterrey Mexico, Espronceda Center for Art and Culture Barcelona, and Musée Régional d'art Contemporain Sérignan, France.

Melissa holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, NY.

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