I Had a Flashback

Solo Exhibition, Barcelona 2018

Melissa Godoy Nieto remembers her dreams very vividly almost every morning. So she decided to start journaling them 2 years ago recognizing all the pieces they hold: memories, wish-fulfillment anxieties, struggles, fantasies, instincts, distortion, symbology, expressions of emotions.

For the exhibition I Had a Flashback at Espronceda, Melissa has developed new work continuing this personal exploration of the unconscious. She has maintained her illustrated journal by drawing the dreams experienced at night during her stay as a resident artist. 

Along with it, she’s been experimenting with the recreation of some of her recurring dreams and nightmares into three dimensional pieces.

Melissa believes that drawing her dreams has been like finding a key into a new doorway, embracing the free access that this gives her into her discoverable mind.

All photos by Vitor Schietti

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