Melissa Godoy Nieto is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Mexico, she’s been based in New York City for 11 years.

Drawing and painting have been her primary practices and dominant instruments she uses for exploring various formats such as performance, installation, sculpture, and video projections.

Through her recent work she has developed a fascination to explore how the mind works, learning about the unconscious, and the relationship between feelings, thoughts, interpretations, and reality. She uses imagery and symbolism to express states of mind and emotions.

In constant search of expanding her practice she collaborates with other visual artists and musicians, and in 2014 she designed and co-built a small Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn. 

In her spare time she hosts drink-and-draw nights, makes delicious mezcalitas, dances pretty well, and learns to surf--pretty well too.

She holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, NY

Photo by Joao Queirolo

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